Coordinate Geometry Formulas for SSC CGL PDF

Through today’s post, we are going to share Coordinate Geometry Formulas for SSC CGL PDF with you, which you can download for free using direct download link given below in this post.

If you are a aspirants of SSC CGL then Coordinate Geometry may be very important for you, because many questions of this chapter are being asked in SSC CGL mains exam.

Coordinate Geometry Formulas for SSC CGL PDF

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SCC CGL Coordinate Geometry Formula

General Form of a LineAx + By + C = 0
Slope Intercept Form of a Liney = mx + c
Point-Slope Formy − y1= m(x − x1)
The slope of a Line Using Coordinatesm = Δy/Δx = (y− y1)/(x− x1)
The slope of a Line Using General Equationm = −(A/B)
Intercept-Intercept Formx/a + y/b = 1
Distance Formula|P1P2| = √[(x− x1)+ (y− y1)2]
For Parallel Lines,m= m2
For Perpendicular Lines,m1m2 = -1
Midpoint FormulaM (x, y) = [½(x+ x2), ½(y+ y2)]
Angle Formulatan θ = [(m– m2)/ 1 + m1m2]
Area of a Triangle Formula½ |x1(y2−y3)+x2(y3–y1)+x3(y1–y2)|
Distance from a Point to a Lined = [|Ax+ By+ C| / √(A+ B2)]
Section Formula (Internal division)P(x, y) = [(m1x2 + m2x1)/(m1 + m2), (m1y2 + m2y1)/(m1 + m2)]
Section Formula (External division)P(x, y) = [(m1x2 – m2x1)/(m1 – m2), (m1y2 – m2y1)/(m1 – m2)]

To get knowledge of all formulas of Coordinate Geometry please go through the pdf, which have been shared in this post.

Download Coordinate Geometry Formulas for SSC CGL PDF

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